Shocking, But Loving It

Moving from a small town to a big city can be a big step. For the young woman who has spent most of her life within the confines of a town that she’s known since a child, the big city is glamorous and dangerous all at the same time. So while the benefits of small towns may include knowing your neighbor, perhaps a little too well, the city has its benefits too. One of them is the bounty of shopping. After all, what girl doesn't love to shop?

New To Vintage

That small town may have had a cute downtown, but what it had to offer was limited. The move to the big city means a move up to endless opportunities to explore and discover. For many big cities this can often include finding an area filled with vintage dress stores. The shops will be stuffed with everything from glamorous cocktail dresses of the fifties to cast-off wedding gowns. Oh, the stories they could tell!

Shoes To Match

Of course, what would dress shopping be if you can't find the right shoes that perfectly match your great find. Many big cities have designer outlets that sell the latest shoe fashions at rock bottom prices. The problem can sometimes be an embarrassment of riches, or lack of, when it comes to choosing just the right pair.

Jewelry Everywhere

If the city is an entry port for fashion, it could also be one for jewelry as well. Cities such as Los Angeles and New York have jewelry marts that wholesale to the public. Here, that small town girl will find pearl earrings for half the usual price and gold necklaces to die for.

Nothing Like Home

No matter how lonely it can be for any woman moving from a small town to a big city, there are always compensations. Just a walk up Rodeo Drive or Park Avenue will delight and entertain. After all, it costs nothing to look, does it? Oh, the lavish restaurants, the glamourous dress stores, what more does a woman want? And the scenery here in the big city is like nothing she ever saw back home.